Mapletree Commercial Trust - DBS Research 2018-07-27: Powering Through Short-term Disruptions

Mapletree Commercial Trust - DBS Group Research Research 2018-07-27: Powering Through Short-term Disruptions MAPLETREE COMMERCIAL TRUST SGX:N2IU

Mapletree Commercial Trust - Powering Through Short-term Disruptions

  • MCT's 1Q19 DPU of 2.23 Scts (flat y-o-y) in line with expectations.
  • Steady performance despite temporary fall in effective occupancy at Vivocity owing to current AEIs.
  • Sequential improvement ahead as Vivocity’s occupancy hits the 99.2% committed level from 94.2% previously.
  • Maintain BUY, Target Price of S$1.80.

What’s New

Transitionary quarter

  • Mapletree Commercial Trust (MCT) delivered 1Q19 DPU of 2.23 Scts (flat y-o-y) which represented c.24% of our FY19F DPU and was in line with our expectations.
  • 1Q19 can be described as a transitionary quarter as the results were impacted by a dip in effective occupancy at Vivocity as tenants had to make way for the construction of a new library on Level 3 as well as AEIs at Basement 1 and Level 1.
  • Nevertheless, overall revenue and NPI were still up 0.7% and 2.1% y-o-y respectively, primarily due to steady performance at Vivocity (impact from prior positive rental reversions, NPI up 2.3% y-o-y) and MBC 1 (benefitting from annual step-up in rents offsetting the impact from lower effective occupancy of 98.6% versus 99.2% in 1Q18, NPI up 0.5% y-o-y).

Lower effective occupancy at Vivocity

  • Owing to the AEI being conducted at Vivocity, temporary closure of stores and shifting of tenants, effective occupancy came in at 94.2%. However, this was up from 93.1% at end-4Q18. Over the next 1-2 quarters, we expect effective occupancy to climb towards the 99.2% committed occupancy level as tenants move into their new stores and fit out periods end.
  • Due to the disruption arising from the AEI works, tenant sales also fell 4.1% y-o-y. We understand, excluding these disruptions, tenant sales would have been flattish.
  • Shopper traffic remains at an encouragingly healthy level of 13.5m, up 0.4% y-o-y.
  • The strength of the mall continues to be on display, with 2.1% positive rental reversions achieved over the quarter, marginally up from the 1.5% reported for FY18.

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Headline negative rental reversions in the office/business park belie the strong market positioning of MCT’s properties

  • In 2Q18, MCT reported 5.3% negative rental reversions for its office/business park properties. This continues the trend over the last four quarters where signing rents have been below expiring rents (-3.3% to -9.5%). MBC 1 also remains the main factor behind the negative rental reversions. We understand MCT’s other office buildings also reported negative rental reversions but less than 5% fall.
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  • However, as mentioned in our previous reports, despite the negative rental reversions, due to the inbuilt annual escalations for many leases at MBC 1, underlying cashflows remained resilient with NPI for MBC 1 up 0.5% y-o-y.
  • In addition, including the effect of a rent review for a key tenant at MBC 1 for c.195,000 sqft of space, rental reversions for the office/business park would have been -0.1% versus reported the headline-5.3%. This would have also resulted in rental reversions for the overall MCT portfolio rising from 0.3% to 1.2%. This highlights again the strong market positioning of MBC 1.

Mixed performance for office portfolio excluding MBC 1.

  • Excluding MBC 1, MCT’s office portfolio had a mixed quarter.
  • NPI for MLHF and PSA Building rose 16.7% and 2.4% y-o-y respectively. MLHF benefitted from higher effective occupancies (100% versus 91.6% in 1Q18) while PSA Building saw better margins despite occupancy being stable around 95.4%.
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  • Mapletree Anson had a soft quarter with NPI dropping 0.6% y-o-y which was a respectable performance given effective occupancy fell to 90.8% versus 99.2% in 1Q18.

Higher borrowing costs

  • As expected, borrowing costs for MCT rose, hitting 2.91% from 2.75% at end-March 2018, on the back of the increase in benchmark interest rates and impact from recent refinancings.
  • The proportion of fixed rate debt dipped slightly to 75.3% from 78.9% while gearing remained relatively stable at 34.7%.
  • NAV per unit was also steady at S$1.49.

Maintain BUY, Target Price of S$1.80

  • With 1Q19 results largely in line with expectations, we retain our BUY call and Target Price of S$1.80.
  • We believe 1Q19 is a transitory quarter and as Vivocity benefits from its recent AEI and effective occupancy recovers, we should see an improvement in DPU over the next few quarters.

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