Ezion Holdings - CIMB Research 2018-01-12: Resuscitation Attempts Ongoing

Ezion Holdings - CIMB Research 2018-01-12: Resuscitation Attempts Ongoing EZION HOLDINGS LIMITED 5ME.SI

Ezion Holdings - Resuscitation Attempts Ongoing

  • Ezion had a tumultuous 2017. After struggling operationally, it implemented a debt reform exercise, and was suspended from trading on 14 Aug 2017.
  • A Consent Solicitation Exercise (CSE) was completed in Nov 2017. Negotiations between Ezion and its secured bank lenders are ongoing.
  • Once the negotiations are concluded, an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) will ensue before the stock’s trading suspension is lifted.
  • We maintain our REDUCE call with Target Price of S$0.13 based on CY17 P/BV of 0.15x.

Trading suspension since Aug 2017 

  • After reporting a core net loss in its 2Q17 results, Ezion embarked on a debt reform exercise, as it foresaw that the depressed charter rate environment and resistance from financial institutions in funding talks for new vessel deployment would cap earnings growth and put a strain on future debt repayments. 
  • Pursuant to that, Ezion announced its trading suspension on 14 Aug 2017.

Strategies to get it back on its feet 

  • Ezion’s capital and funding action plans involve:
    1. refinancing existing loans and bond maturities;
    2. reducing interest expenses; and
    3. securing new funding to put vessels to work to meet clients’ requirements. 
  • Operationally it aims to focus on 100% deployment of liftboats, minimise future capex costs and streamline its fleet.

Bond expiries deferred; securing financial lenders’ aid next on list 

  • A Consent Solicitation Exercise (CSE) that defers maturities for S$575m worth of bonds/perpetual securities by 6-7 years was completed in Nov 2017. Negotiations between Ezion and its secured bank lenders are ongoing. 
  • Ezion’s previous guidance on its refinancing proposal includes: 
    1. minimal fixed principal repayments for the next six years,
    2. substantial reduction in interest rates;
    3. possible fixed interest charges on certain loan facilities in lieu of stapled warrants; and
    4. additional revolving credit facilities of up to c.US$100m.

Share base increase; impairments to reduce NAV later on 

  • Assuming full conversion of all bonds/perpetual securities/warrants, Ezion guided that share capital could expand to c.6.6bn shares (vs. 2.1bn currently); which we estimate could bring NAV/share to US$0.32 vs. US$0.62 now. 
  • Management indicate the possibility of impairments in line with streamlining operations, in an indicative range of US$500m-900m (as per CSE circular). Assuming maximum impairment of US$900m, guided illustrative NAV/share could fall to US$0.193 (c.70% from original NAV/share).

What assets are left? 

  • As at end-2017m Ezion had 14 liftboats, 20 service rigs, 45 offshore logistics vessels in various stages of utilisation. We view its statement on “100% deployment of liftboats” as an indication that Ezion may rid itself of certain service rigs and offshore logistic vessels.

Implied 0.8x P/BV post maximum impairments 

  • Ezion traded at a historical trough of 0.2x CY17F P/BV before it was suspended. In better times, its peak P/BV was c.2.2x in 2013-2014 and its historical 5-year mean P/BV was 1.3x. 
  • Assuming last close and maximum impairment of US$900m; stock is trading at an implied P/BV of 0.76x.

Maintain Reduce, TP of S$0.13; trading to resume post EGM 

  • Our REDUCE call and Target Price of S$0.13 is based on a CY17F P/BV of 0.15x (at a 75% discount to 0.6x P/BV, -1 s.d. below historical average, to account for the heightened debt risks). 
  • We understand Ezion is in negotiations with its financial lenders now and once that is finalised, an EGM will be held before the stock is lifted from trading suspension.

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