Singapore Healthcare - Maybank Kim Eng 2017-06-13: Hong Kong Marketing Feedback

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Singapore Healthcare - Hong Kong Marketing Feedback

Singapore healthcare still an under-discovered space 

  • We just concluded two days of analyst marketing in Hong Kong. Our 3 key takeaways are: 
    1. Despite decent YTD sector performance for the smaller counters, the sector is still under the radar due to size and liquidity factors; 
    2. Many investors were impressed with the expansion track record and growth plans of the smaller companies; and 
    3. Despite being more capital intensive with a longer gestation period for expansion, most investors favoured hospital groups, due to more resilient earnings and lower execution risks. 
  • The concerns over most asset-light-players are higher execution and revenue concentration risks, as well as high P/E valuations. Maintain HMI and SMG as our top sector picks.

Established hospital groups preferred 

  • Investors preferred hospital groups with established track records, strong asset bases and resilient earnings due to the high barriers of entry. However, the key concerns are: 
    1. execution risks for new market expansion; 
    2. high valuation, in terms of P/E multiple; and 
    3. rising competition. 
  • Several investors concur that DCF valuation and EV/EBITDA are more suitable to value hospital groups, given high upfront capex and long gestation period for the opening of new hospitals.

Asset-light-model still a new concept 

  • Specialist clinic chains that depend highly on the number of doctors for growth, is still a relatively new concept. Investors find the business more risky, due to: 
    1. revenue concentration risks from a few doctors, especially for smaller groups; 
    2. high dependency on M&A for growth, which could pose higher execution and integration risks; and 
    3. dependency on share price for cheap financing of M&A. 
  • However, investors note that these players could deliver quicker growth and are trading at lower P/E multiples.

Maintain positive sector view, top picks: SMG & HMI 

  • Maintain POSITIVE rating on Healthcare Sector based on three investment themes: 
    1. asset-light players are better able to consolidate the industry and capture higher rates of growth; 
    2. established players who can replicate success overseas will tap into new growth opportunities; 
    3. positive structural trends from an ageing population, rising affluence, and increasing prevalence of chronic diseases. 
  • Top healthcare sector picks are SMG and HMI due to their rapid growth and better prospect overseas. However, we are mindful of the risks from: increasing regulations; slowing medical tourism; and intensifying competition.
  • We think good execution, improved track record and market discovery could lead to a rerating of the small cap stocks under our coverage. 

Key discussions for stocks 

Health Management International HMI 

  • Growth drivers beyond hospital consolidation, including organic growth from two existing hospitals and the potential of further expansion.
  • Key criteria for the acquisition of a third hospital, including the bed size, geographical considerations and potential synergies with its existing two hospitals.
  • Medical tourism, including the key drivers for attracting patients, potential markets, and differentiating factors.

Singapore Medical Group SMG 

  • Main growth and share price drivers for the company, which included discussions of potential M&A, existing market share in terms of doctors, and key specialties that the company focuses on.
  • Organic expansion strategy, including the growth rate of the Singapore healthcare industry, targeted hiring of new doctors each year, and specialties that require more new hiring.
  • Execution risks for M&A, which include management of senior doctors, the negative impact of weak share price performance for using shares as M&A currency, and the potential departure of key contributing doctors.

Raffles Medical Group RMG

  • Growth potential from local and overseas expansion. Update on the capacity increase from the Raffles Hospital expansion in Singapore. Also, the bed capacity and estimated contributions from upcoming China hospitals.
  • Execution risks for new hospitals in China, which include recruitment of doctors, attracting local patients, and potential competition from more private hospitals.
  • Potential slowdown in medical tourism, as the neighbouring countries around Singapore, such as Malaysia and Thailand improve their healthcare standards.

IHH Healthcare

  • Newly-opened Gleneagles HK hospital, including start-up costs, gestation period, progress in securing new doctors and potential profitability.
  • Growth drivers for key markets, including Singapore, Malaysia and Turkey.
  • Singapore has seen a recovery in medical tourists and continues to focus on complex procedures, while Malaysia continues to grow via organic expansion of more advanced hospitals.
  • Execution risks for newer markets, including China and India. Key risks discussed included recruitment of doctors, attracting patients from government hospitals and regulatory issues.

John Cheong CFA Maybank Kim Eng | http://www.maybank-ke.com.sg/ 2017-06-13
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