The Trendlines Group - OCBC Investment 2017-04-10: Going Beyond Israel For Innovation Commercialisation

The Trendlines Group - OCBC Investment 2017-04-10: Going Beyond Israel For Innovation Commercialisation THE TRENDLINES GROUP LTD. 42T.SI

The Trendlines Group - Going Beyond Israel For Innovation Commercialisation

  • Invests and develops med and agri-tech co.
  • Trendlines Labs another source for IP.
  • Recently opened Trendlines Medical SG.

Incubator for med and agri tech companies 

  • The Trendlines Group recently hosted a site visit to Tel Aviv, Israel. 
  • Officially established in 2007, followed by a listing on the SGX Catalist board since Nov-15, Trendlines is an innovation commercialization company that invests in, incubates, and extensively supports technology-based medical and agricultural companies, through Trendlines Incubators Israel and their own in-house innovation center, Trendlines Labs
  • Trendlines Medical Singapore was also recently established in 2016. The group holds 46 portfolio companies as of 31 Dec-16, and has 15 revenue-stage companies, as well as 12 projects under Trendlines Labs.

Not just a venture firm 

  • The trip included participation at the group’s 7th Annual Trendlines Company Showcase, whereby selected companies under Trendlines presented on their innovations. 
  • We also visited Trendlines’ headquarters, as well as a visit of the laboratories of two portfolio agtech companies. Their companies have reached various stages of progress and developed patents as well. 
  • We understand the group does not see itself as just a venture firm, given that they are active investors and support their portfolio companies in several aspects such as marketing and commercialization, finance planning, legal consultancy and administrative services.

Aims to grow and continue improving the human condition 

  • With the recent official opening of Trendlines Medical Singapore’s office in Singapore, the group looks to go beyond Israel’s start-up investment landscape with the establishment of a platform for investment in and incubation of early-stage med tech companies in Singapore. 
  • Looking ahead, with a mission “to improve the human condition”, the group aims to increase its number of portfolio companies, build value in these companies, expand into new markets as well as grow Trendlines Labs. 
  • In FY16, the group sold E.T.View Medical, generating US$3.6m in cash. 
  • Net portfolio value of the company (FMV) as at 31 Dec-16 was US$83.7m, comprising of 46 portfolio companies presented at their fair value. As such, the stock is currently trading at ~0.67x FY16 P/FMV. 
  • We do not have a rating for Trendlines Group.

Jodie Foo OCBC Investment | 2017-04-10
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